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3 Simple Steps for a Path to a Healthier Life Style

If you are willing to put bit of extra work to your daily routine you can easily achieve the change you are dreaming of. Because the change your hoping of a healthy life style is just simple 3 steps away. The simple 3 steps are having goals, a correct simple exercise plan according to your commitment and finally eating right. These 3 goals go hand-in-hand, but the start of changing your routine might get bit overwhelming in the beginning, but with commitment and time you will feel nothing but enjoy in the future. Let’s check out the 3 simple steps.



Your 1st step towards a healthy lifestyle is setting up 2 main goals. The first goal is your target number. You should be truthful to your self about what you want and how you want to commit. Will you get up every morning and have an early workout before going to work, do a workout after coming home from wrk or only commit 1 to 2 hours a few times a week ? If you want a quick change to happen you will have to fully commit accordingly. If you want a slow change to happen in time you can commit few hours and meet your change with a simple routine.

Once you have taken it to mind and understand the reality and make your target goal with the target commitment, you can make your next goal of having a deadline. The more exercise you will do , the sooner you should set the deadline goal. Also the less exercising you do per week, the further out you should set the date. You should also understand well that the more committed you are the  sooner you’ll reach your goal and the less your committed it will take time to reach your goal. If you understand this well you will not be disappointed and will be motivationally strong to achieve your goals. Because setting goals that you can reach during the deadline you have set will only disappoint you.



Once you have set and understand your 1st goal, you can join a gym for workout. You can either join a local gym and plan the workout times according to your first goal or you can have your workout sessions done at home or a designated place so it will help your focus remain constant. Find a place which is either close to your home or somewhere between home and work. That is of course according to your decision of doing at home or visiting a gym. Making it convenient will also motivate you and will remove one more excuse of skipping because of the distance or so on.

 What ever location decision you make, the next you can move on to decide on your workout type. You can check on workout classes, a personal trainer, machines you should use accordingly, free workout routines and etc targeting your needs. The above is mostly easily done visiting a gym though it can be done online at home as well. But if you feel like it takes more commitment and time according to your goal plan, you have many options  and exercises to do staying at home with less commitment and time put in to your workout routine. Such as stay at home gym with free fitness videos online, using a standard app with standard workouts with proper instructions, yoga, zumba, running or cycling sessions and etc.

Its all according to your target, staying in your comfort zone to put effort and understanding your commitment capacity. Because the important thing is to find something you enjoy doing and work with your schedule. This will effect you physically and mentally and will cut of excuses to be made too.

However, using a fitness tracker will also help well to achieve our goals. This is also known as an activity tracker which is a wearable device. This device will monitor your steps, heartbeat, activities done during the day, record your fitness activities, calories burnt and also will give you reminders which you have set up. You can make it a socially connect with other fitness tracker users to compare activity and make some competition to have fun and to motivate.


In addition to your new exercise routine and goal you have set up, you will also have to change your diet accordingly for better results. But don’t think of it as dieting, you will simply be forming new and healthier eating habits. When most people think of dieting, they imagine depriving themselves of ‘good, delicious’ food and only eating ‘healthy, tasteless’ food. Deprivation only makes you want what you can’t have that much more.

First you should make only small changes to step into healthier habits gradually step by step increase the change. The biggest secret trick is having a  portion control. Eat what you want but in moderation.

Here are a few tips to make that happen:

  • Use smaller plates/bowls at home. 
  • Pre-portion snack foods rather than eating right out of the bag/box.
  • Don’t mindlessly eat while watching television. Enjoy the food, texture and flavor.
  • Pack your lunch rather than eating out.
  • When you do eat out, ask for a takeout box when the food arrives. Put up half before you take one bite.

There you have it. A lifestyle change broken down to only a few steps. To fill in the blanks, you just have to invest in yourself. Start today by taking the first steps to lead a healthy lifestyle.